Top 6 Website Builders for Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Nowadays, owning a website has become a must-have. This is attributable to the fact that websites offer a suitable platform to interact and attract customers. Considering the changing if you do not have a website or a domain name for your business, you are losing a lot. While you can buy a domain name anywhere, some website builders are not recommendable since they will never give you the service that you need.
Here is a review of some of the common website builders that you can consider in your next domain registration and web hosting.
• Wix
Wix is a free website builder. It is considered to be a useful site builder due to its drag and drop feature. With this builder, you get access to numerous templates on different fields that you can edit easily. Wix allows you to register domain name free. Also, the free trial functionality of Wix allows you to try is convenience and compatibility with your business.
• SiteBuilder
This builder gives you access to a wide selection of features including a free domain. Its editor is quite cheap and allows users to publish their sites on the internet straightforward. Ideally, the domain name registration process at SiteBuilder is smooth than most other website builders.
• Site123
With no doubt, Site123 is one of the easily site builders available nowadays. Its panel is user-friendly such that anybody without website building can use it to create a stunning website. However, it does not have a drag and drop functionality but has a setup wizard to guide you through the entire process.
• Shopify
Shopify is a website builder that is specific for the creation of e-commerce stores. It has many functionalities for setting up as well as running an online store. It will help you through the management of sales and inventory. Additionally, it is easy and simple to use and gives you the chance of launching your site over a short period.
• 1 & 1
1 & 1 is large web hosting Company and gives users access to many services and products in domain name registration and hosting websites. It incorporates several marketing tools. 1 & 1 is ideal for Linux and Windows lovers since it is compatible with such platforms.
• GoDaddy
GoDaddy has become a common domain name merchant managing more than 59 million domain names and with a customer base of over 12 million. They stand out in the domain name, registration and hosting due to their builder service. When you buy a domain here, you are given a chance to create a website on that domain free. GoDaddy is cheap, has good templates and easy-to-use editor.


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